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In health care centers of ‘Stichting Amsterdamse Gezondheidscentra’ (SAG), General Practice doctors (GP’s) work closely together with other health care providers. Therefore you can count on personal, continuous high quality health care – in every stage of life and in every area. We provide health care to over 90.000 residents of Amsterdam.

Need to see a GP?

Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.:
Call your SAG Health Care Center

Saturday and Sunday:
Call Huisartsenpost +31 88 00 30 600

In case of an emergency:
Call 112

SAG has eighteen health care centers spread over Amsterdam, so there’s always a health care center nearby. Do you want to know which SAG-health care center lies within your postal code area/neighbourhood? Take a look at the map:

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Are you residing in one of our neighborhoods, but haven’t got a General Practice doctor yet (for instance, because you recently moved)? If so, we can register you as our patient. It is important that you live nearby, as the doctor must be able to reach your home within 15 minutes in case of an emergency.

In case of an exceeding number of registrations, we give priority to patients residing within the health care center’s neighborhood(s), who haven’t got a GP yet.

Reliable information in English about Dutch GP-system

What you need to know

About the Dutch system of General Practitioners

Tuesday 8 august 2023

The General Practitioner (GP), called a huisarts in Dutch, is unknown in many health systems. Also, the role of a Dutch GP can be very different from the role of GP’s in other healthcare systems. The Dutch GP (your ‘huisarts’) is always the first healthcare provider you go to, even if you would prefer to see a specialist.

This kind of essential information and much more you can find on This website is for anyone seeking reliable information in English about the Dutch General Practitioners system. For instance:

  • Who to call in case of an emergency;
  • For which questions and complaints you can visit your doctor (huisarts);
  • What to expect from a Dutch doctor;
  • Why Dutch doctors are less likely to prescribe antibiotics;
  • Etcetera.

The information on is made by, an independent website for health(care) information, developed and maintained by the Dutch College of GP’s.

For information about Dutch Health Insurances:

SAG Headoffice

Care Procurement, Communication, Contract Management, Finance, HRM, IT & Facility Management are housed here.

SAG Headoffice is not a health center!

If you want to register (or are already registered) with SAG, contact your own health center. You can look up and contact your health center via:


SAG Headoffice

> Postal address

SAG Bedrijfsbureau
Postbus 80417
1005 BK Amsterdam

> Visiting address

Not for patients!
SAG Bedrijfsbureau
Naritaweg 213
1043 CB Amsterdam

> Telephone and email

Not for patients!
T: 020 – 58 22 080