Welcome at SAG health centers

In health centers of ‘Stichting Amsterdamse Gezondheidscentra’ (SAG) GP’s work closely with other healthcare providers. Therefore you can count on personal care of high quality – in every stage of life and in every area. We provide healthcare to over 90.000 residents of Amsterdam. SAG has sixteen health centers spread over Amsterdam, so there’s always a health center nearby. Check our locations

We strongly recommended to register with a GP in your area as soon as you are settled.
Read here how to register.

Advise about the coronavirus

Do you have mild (cold) complaints that could be associated with a Corona infection? Like:

  • coughing
  • sneezing
  • snot in your nose
  • sore throat

Get tested at the GGD. Call 0800-1202 for an appointment. Testing is free. Call 0800-1351 if you have any questions concering the virus.

For general corona information in English, Turkish, Arabic or other languages: visit Pharos.nl.

Doctors appointments

Do you have any health complaints? Please contact your doctor. Also in these times of crisis our GPs and practice nurses have consultation hours. We provide care by telephone, video calling or in our health center if necessary.

Do not come to the health center without an appointment, but always call first. Together we’ll discuss the best option for you. In your online patient environment you can request repeat prescriptions or ask questions.

Healthcare is safe, even now!

Are you ready for Dutch healthcare? Do the test!

Broad range of primary healthcare services

We offer a broad range of primary healthcare services under one roof. In addition to GPs, you will also find other healthcare providers in our centers. Go to ‘our healthcare providers’ to read which services we offer.

Your general practitioner in Amsterdam

Our GP’s are at your service on working days from 8 am to 5 pm. In addition, we also offer some morning and/or evening consultation hours. Go to ‘GP practice’ for other practical information.

Online services

In your online patient environment, you can schedule appointments with your doctor or practice assistant, request repeat prescriptions and have an eConsult with your GP. Go to ‘online services’ to read more information about our portal and about how to register.