Welcome at SAG health centers

In health centers of ‘Stichting Amsterdamse Gezondheidscentra’ (SAG) GP’s work closely with other healthcare providers. Therefore you can count on personal care of high quality – in every stage of life and in every area. We provide healthcare to over 90.000 residents of Amsterdam. SAG has seventeen health centers spread over Amsterdam, so there’s always a health center nearby. Check our locations

We strongly recommended to register with a GP in your area as soon as you are settled.
Read here how to register.

Safe care during the corona crisis

Do you have (cold) complaints that fit the corona virus? Please don’t visit our health centers. Get a corona test at the GGD. Make an appointment via 0800-1202.

Would you like an appointment with the doctor? Always call our assistants first. You cannot come to our center without an appointment.

Are you coming to our health center? Take your mouth mask and put it on upon entering.

Would you like to know more about the corona virus? Look at GPinfo.nl. For general corona information in other languages: visit Pharos.nl.

Our care providers stay at home in case of health complaints. This means that we sometimes have fewer places during the consultation hour. Where possible, we help you remotely: by telephone or an e-consultation. Where necessary, we help you in the health center.

We try to see as few people as possible at our health center. In your online patient environment you can order repeat prescriptions, view lab results and ask medical questions. We would appreciate it if you’d use our online services when possible. If you need any assistance or if you have questions, we will help you over the phone.

Healthcare is safe, even now!

Health insurance 2021
If you have a mandatory Dutch health insurance (‘Basisverzekering’) then you have the option to change your health insurance policy and/or provider once every year.
This information will help you in deciding whether to make a change or not. 

Broad range of primary healthcare services

We offer a broad range of primary healthcare services under one roof. In addition to GPs, you will also find other healthcare providers in our centers. Go to ‘our healthcare providers’ to read which services we offer.

Your general practitioner in Amsterdam

Our GP’s are at your service on working days from 8 am to 5 pm. In addition, we also offer some morning and/or evening consultation hours. Go to ‘GP practice’ for other practical information.

Online services

In your online patient environment, you can schedule appointments with your doctor or practice assistant, request repeat prescriptions and have an eConsult with your GP. Go to ‘online services’ to read more information about our portal and about how to register.

Laatste nieuws

Wij zijn rookvrij

1 oktober 2020

Per 1 oktober 2020 is dit SAG Gezondheidscentrum rookvrij. Net als de andere 16 locaties van de Stichting Amsterdamse Gezondheidscentra (SAG). Dat betekent dat u niet kunt roken in ons gezondheidscentrum. En ook niet op het terrein rondom het gebouw. De SAG wil dat uw gezondheidscentrum een zo gezond mogelijke plek is voor iedereen. Waarom

Online uw medische gegevens bekijken

9 juli 2020

Bent u bij de huisarts geweest? Uw huisarts zet uw medische gegevens in zijn computer in uw medische dossier. Bijvoorbeeld:– het advies van de huisarts– de uitslagen van onderzoek – de lijst met uw medicijnen Informatie om samen te beslissen over uw gezondheidNa het consult kunt u uw medische gegevens online lezen op uw eigen