When you call or visit the practice, the doctor’s assistant will be the first to speak to you.You can contact the doctor’s assistant for:

  • Appointments for (telephone) consultation hours GP
  • Appointments for consultation hours of the practice assistant
  • Short advice (with common and less serious complaints)
  • Schedule home visits
  • Practical questions (registration, referrals, etc.)
  • Repeat recipes
  • Results of blood, urine and X-ray examinations

When making an appointment the assistant will sometimes ask additional questions or ask about the nature of the complaints. This is called triage. The assistant can plan the consultation hour better if she has insight into the nature of the complaint. If you prefer not to provide this information, you can report this.

The doctors’ assistants also hold consultations themselves. You can contact them for all kinds of small matters. They can spray ears, remove stitches, measure blood pressure, give injections, freeze warts, and so on.