Mission SAG
SAG health care: optimal and personal. That is what SAG has to offer for more than 40 years. Solidly rooted in the neighborhood, we believe in health care with a human face. We know our patients, and they know us – we think that’s important. That is why every health center has one front door behind which people can find everything they need for care, in every phase of life and in every area. Our goal is to keep our patient healthy for as long as possible.

Vision SAG
The starting point for SAG is that everyone in their own environment must be able to appeal to good health care in the full breadth. This means a broad range of primary care services that is well attuned to our residents. Each neighborhood has different residents, so each health center has its own accents. But despite these differences, all centers have one thing in common: a number of important core values. Our care is low-threshold, integral, of high quality, on a human scale and based on partnership.

Ambition SAG
SAG wants to profile itself as a relatively large and well-organized provider of primary care, which can realize its mission and the Triple Aim objectives in cooperation with Amsterdam and national partners. SAG shows this by taking, besides regular care, the new activities that come first line within society and health care, and to perform optimally, personally and efficiently. SAG wants to contribute to preventing affordability, and with it accessibility, of the healthcare sector coming under further pressure, especially for people in a vulnerable position and at the bottom of society. To this end, we act responsibly and cost consciously within the framework of optimum quality.
SAG cooperates with health insurers within this perspective. We also regard other organizations such as hospitals, institutions for care and nursing, youth care, municipality, etc. as partners for realizing the common ambition. Quality and efficiency are and remain anchors of care and policy at SAG. Transparency and accountability are inextricably linked, both to external parties and internally.
SAG wants to equip and support its employees to realize all this. Not only are employees the capital of the organization, they are also the organization themselves. Taking all the steps together and realizing the ambitions is the starting point.