Rondom de Geboorte (“Around the birth”) is part of SAG Youth Health Care.

Having a baby is a life changing event. There is a lot involved, both physically and emotionally. That is why good preparation for that new phase in your life is of great importance.

‘Rondom de Geboorte’ accompanies expectant parents during pregnancy and helps them prepare for the delivery and the period thereafter. The SAG offers various pregnancy courses at many places in the city where expectant parents are both physically and mentally prepared for the delivery and the upcoming parenting. We show films, discuss propositions and dilemmas and practice a lot.

The period after the birth can also be difficult. Your baby cries a lot, sleeps a little and does not have a rhythm yet. That is why ‘Rondom de Geboorte’ gives workshops about the physical and mental development, dealing with crying, swaddling and the sleeping behavior of your baby.

The complete course offer can be found on our website. For people in possession of a City Pass, minimums and teenage girls, the courses are free of charge.