Many people suffer from cardiovascular disease. These are pre-eminently diseases that you have to keep a close eye on to prevent recurrence. A healthy lifestyle and good use of the medicines play a major role.

Therefor the SAG has developed a protocol for cardiovascular disease. With this protocol, health centers map out all patients who have ever had a cardiovascular disease. The protocol provides an inventory of risk factors, an annual laboratory study, and a dialogue about lifestyle, medication use, possible side effects and adherence. By following this protocol we actively try to prevent new cardiovascular diseases – ofcourse in close cooperation with the patient,

24-hour blood pressure measurement

Blood pressure is an important factor for a doctor when it comes to diagnosing illnesses and their possible treatment. That is why all health centers work with a 24-hour blood pressure monitor. That is a blood pressure monitor that the patient takes home to measure his blood pressure for 24 hours. The GP thus gains insight into the course of blood pressure over a period of 24 hours. That result is the average of all individual measurements. An additional advantage of this method is that it also distinguishes between people with only high blood pressure in the doctor’s office (caused by anxiety) and people with actually increased blood pressure (hypertension).

The blood pressure monitor is applied by a practice assistant. After 24 hours the patient returns the blood pressure monitor at the health center. In our center a computer reads the blood pressure monitor. Our GP discusses the results and a possible treatment plan with the patient.