We offer patients with Diabetes Mellitus type 2 a chain care program. It is a total package in which all care and controls are arranged. The patient is checked four times a year and receives extensive laboratory examinations every year. An eye test is also carried out every two years in the healthcare center.

Fundus photography

Diabetic patients have an increased risk of retinal abnormalities (diabetic retinopathy). The sooner it’s discovered, the better. Therefore, diabetic patients are advised to have regular screening for (incipient) retinal abnormalities. We screen by taking a picture of the retina. The SAG has its own photo camera for this.

Diabetic patients without known retinopathy, get an invitation every two years to have such a photo taken in their own health center. The picture is examined by an experienced ophthalmologist. Diabetic patients with retinopathy are checked by the ophthalmologist. Due to this approach, only patients with a (possible) retinal abnormality are referred to an ophthalmologist.