Electronic exchange of your medical data: Have you already given permission?

If you visit a doctor or pharmacy, you want to be helped properly. Also in the evening, at night and at the weekend at the doctor’s office or the service pharmacy. But over there the caregivers do not know you and your health situation. That is why they need up-to-date information about your health. Electronic exchange of your medical data takes care of this. This way you always receive the right care. But that is only possible with your permission.

Want to know more about giving permission?

You can read more about giving permission on the website www.volgjezorg.nl. Or ask your doctor or pharmacist about it.

Register your permission?

You arrange your permission orally or in writing with your doctor and pharmacist. Please visit www.ikgeeftoestemming.nl to find out how you van arrange your permission. To arrange online permission you need DigiD with SMS function.