SAG strives for the widest possible range of high-quality care – and also makes it happen. Therefor we follow a coherent quality policy. We work on all fronts to improve the quality of our care, including through a quality mark, consulting patients, participation in scientific research, ensuring patient safety, a privacy regulation and a complaints procedure.

NHG quality mark
All SAG health centers have a NHG Practice Accreditation®: the quality mark of the Dutch General Practitioners Association. This quality mark shows that GP care at our health centers is systematically and continuously working to improve the quality of the care provided. Before this quality mark is granted, all sorts of aspects of the service are examined, from organizational and practical aspects to medical treatment. Improvement plans are made where necessary. The service is reviewed every year.

Client Experience Survey
Nobody knows better what good quality care means than patients themselves. That is why we value the opinion of our clients at SAG and we ensure that we listen carefully to them. We ask our patients annually to participate in the client experience survey. This way the voice of the patient is translated directly into better care.

Participation in scientific research of Nivel and VUmc
The health centers of SAG cooperate in the field of scientific research with the Netherlands Institute for Research in the Primary Line (NIVEL) and with the Academic Network of General Practice (ANH) of the VU University. This means that medical data from all patients are used anonymously for scientific research, for education to medical students and for improving the quality of care provided by general practitioners.

Complaints and suggestions
SAG wants to provide high-quality care to all its patients. In order to realize this, we need the help of our patients. Your tips and complaints may relate to service providers in our health center, the (medical) actions, the treatment, the communication or our practice organization. Together with you we look for a solution. In addition, we register your complaints and comments for internal use, so that we can improve our quality.