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The most important difference between medical practice in the Netherlands and that of many other countries, is the predominant role of the ‘huisarts’ (general practitioner). General Practitioners act as gatekeeper to the wider Dutch healthcare system. They treat patients for basic problems and can answer most of your general health questions. A Dutch GP will be also perform, for example, standard gynaecological or paediatric examinations.

They are also the ones to provide referrals when further medical care is needed, such as hospitalisation, maternity care and access to other specialists. Without this referral, access to specialists is restricted, and may not be reimbursed by your health insurance.

For important information in English on how the Dutch system of General Practitioners works, look at GPinfo.nl:

Register at a GP?

Register at a GP?
All Dutch occupants who live and work here, are obliged to have a healthcare insurance and a General Practitioner. Being registered to a GP also lowers the healthcare costs compared to visiting first aid or a hospital. We cannot emphasise enough the advantage of finding a GP before you need one. Register here.

Why choose a GP in a SAG healthcare center?

  • We believe that everyone should be able to rely on good health care in their own environment. That is why we offer a broad range of primary healthcare services in all our health centers. In our healthcare centers you will find your GP, but also other healthcare professionals like physiotherapists and pharmacists. Therefore, it is easy to coordinate various appointments and it enables better teamwork. Better and faster care by more professionals, and all behind one door.
  • We always tailor our care to your individual needs, because every patient is different. Personal care can also mean that we offer you a healthcare program. We have healthcare programs for, among others, people in certain age groups (elderly and youth), people with a chronic illness (COPD, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases) and people with mental health problems. Various disciplines work closely together in these healthcare programs, both within the center and at neighborhood level.
  • Each neighborhood has different residents, that is why every health center has its own accents. But despite these differences, all centers share important core values. Our care is low-threshold, integral, of high quality, on a human scale and based on partnership. We offer our patients the best possible care – in every phase of life and in every area.

Dutch health care
You can be assured that you will receive high quality healthcare in the Netherlands. However, some things may be arranged in in a different way that you are used to. This brochure aims to help you better understand Dutch healthcare.

Healthcare providers

Each health center has one front door behind which you can find a broad range of primary care services. Our healthcare providers work together within the center and at neighborhood level. Through this we can provide you with high-quality care – in every stage of life and in every area.

The services we offer, differ per health center. On the right you can find an overview of the range of services we offer at Stichting Amsterdamse Gezondheidscentra.

Healthcare programs

At the SAG we offer customized care. After all, every patient is unique. Some groups of patients suffer from similar health problems. For example, people in a special age group such as the elderly or children. Or people with a chronic disease: COPD, diabetes or cardiovascular disease. We offer these patients special healthcare programs.

A healthcare program describes the care for a specific target group: what does the treatment look like, which healthcare providers are involved and what are their tasks? Your GP is the main practitioner in a care program. He or she works closely with other healthcare providers, such as specially trained practice assistants or physiotherapists. They pool their knowledge to provide you with the best possible care.

On the right you find an overview of our special care programs.

SAG patient education

Would you like to know more about our organization or about our services? Stichting Amsterdamse Gezondheidscentra has had some information films developed to give you an idea of our healthcare offer and our services.

SAG Gezondheidscentra

SAG has health centers throughout Amsterdam. In our health centers, the care surrounding the general practice has been arranged.

Case manager Dementia

Dementia is a complex disease, where care is provided by multiple parties. The Case Manager Dementia of the SAG is an important pivot in this care.

District nurse / Zichtbare schakel (“Visible link”)

Report incidents safely (“VIM”)

Polypharmacy traject

Patient consultation

Useful links

  • GPinfo.nl
    Important information in English about the Dutch system of General Practitioners (‘huisartsen’).
  • Healthcare for Internationals (H4I)
    The H4i website provides information to internationals about Dutch healthcare and health insurances that better meets their needs.
  • ACCESS-nl.org
    ACCESS nl answers FAQ’s about Dutch healthcare, health insurance and having a baby in the Netherlands.
  • INamsterdam.com
    Expatriates living in Amsterdam can visit this website for help with expat-related issues, such as Dutch healthcare-issues.
  • Zorgverzekeringslijn.nl/english/
    This website explains how the Health Insurance Act works and what rights and obligations (un) insured people have. It also provides independent advice and practical tips for resolving health insurance debts.
  • Iamexpat.nl
    English-language media platform for internationals in the Netherlands, providing information about Dutch healthcare and health insurance.